We are not born knowing how to make beautiful gardens: this is a skill to be learnt and practised. A great way to do this is with a Gardening Coach, or Tutor. You will find this service invaluable if you are either a complete gardening novice or would like to improve your existing skills and work smarter, not harder, for better results.

As your coach, I will tailor the lessons to your needs. We’ll start with what you know and stop when you feel confident to carry on on your own (but I will be just a phonecall away if you get stuck).

Beginners usually start with a general introduction to gardening techniques. Improvers may want to focus on specific themes or tasks, perhaps related to a garden project.

Just to give you a better idea of what is on offer, we will look into some, or all, of how to:

  • get to know and overhaul your new garden,

  • choose and buy the most suitable plants for your garden,

  • propagate and grow your own plants,

  • plant up tubs and hanging baskets,

  • carry out winter pruning or summer trimming of shrubs or hedges,

  • improve your soil, make compost and leaf mould,

  • improve your lawns,

  • deal with pernicious weeds,

  • choose and plant a hedge,

  • set up a veg patch and grow your own food.

You may need just a single session, or a whole series of lessons and learn as your garden changes with the seasons. If you choose the latter, you may stop at any time - you will pay for each lesson separately. Don’t worry about tools either - I will bring all the necessary tools for you to try out while you are learning the techniques.

To help you further, after each lesson I will email to you a set of 4-6 questions testing what you’ve learnt on the day and ask that you send your answers back to me. Your practical ‘homework’ will be to finish any jobs that we couldn’t finish together.

As your knowledge and confidence grow, you will soon be on the way to having your perfect garden with the satisfaction of having made it with your own hands!


The 2019 prices for the lessons are as follows:

  • for one learner £30.00 per hour

  • for two learners £36.00 per hour (or £18 each)

  • for three learners £45.00 per hour (or £15 each)

If your garden is more that 10 miles from my home in Hempstead, Gillingham, I will ask you to contribute to my travelling expenses for the additional distance.

Please, contact me for further information or to book your first lesson.

“I found the idea of managing my new large garden quite overwhelming. Eva talked me through how to look after the plants that were already there and showed me how to use a variety of different gardening tools for weeding, pruning and planting in borders. She tested the pH of the soil to help me to choose plants that will thrive in our garden and gave recommendations for what would look good. Eva's advice has been extremely useful to us. Thank you Eva! "  Rebecca M., Rainham