Garden overhaul

Sometimes life just gets in the way and there is not enough time  in the day to keep up with the garden. Yet, there comes a point when you simply cannot afford to put it off any longer and something has to be done. I will tame your unruly jungle and help you to keep it under control from then on (see gardening lessons and consultations).

Does your garden need sprucing up for a party or house sale? I will make it look its best, filling any gaps with additional plants if necessary.

Please, contact me for a no-obligation visit and a price quote.

Winter and springtime pruning

Winter is the best time for pruning leaf-loosing trees and shrubs, and early spring is best for the evergreens. There is more to pruning than lopping and sawing. Properly done, it leaves your shrubs – quite literally – in better shape, ready for the growing season ahead. Any parts dead or diseased are removed, and branches that don’t conform to the desired shape are removed or shortened. The best result is when the pruned shrub looks like nothing has been done, but it somehow seems smaller and nicer, and there is a pile of branches on the ground…

Although it is a good idea to prune all shrubs correctly, this is particularly important in the case of fruit trees and shrubs such as currants or gooseberries. It helps prevent diseases that may ruin the crop.

I work using my own pruning tools and, if needed, a short ladder. I hold a public liability insurance.

Please, contact me for a no-obligation visit and a price quote.

Holiday ‘garden-sitting’

Rather than worry about your garden while you are away, let me look after it for you. I will follow a plan of action agreed with you. This will normally involve one or two grass cuts, and watering and deadheading all the plants in pots and hanging baskets.

I will not be able to look after your house plants unless you bring them outdoors, into a suitable shady spot in the garden.

Please, contact me for a no-obligation visit and a price quote.

"We asked Eva to renovate the garden of our new home. Over three visits she completely overhauled the garden. She also advised on a new planting scheme and options for future landscaping and maintenance. We were especially impressed by Eva's knowledge, enthusiasm and hard work, and look forward to seeing the garden bloom in years to come." Mr and Mrs C, Rochester